Due to COVID-19, the Executive Board and our instructors are putting together a draft of what our 2020-2021 Dance Season will look like.  Our Facebook page and website will be updated as information is available.

The current plan is the following and is subject to change:

1. Registration will be online.

2. No registration fee this year.

3. Registration will be September 8th to 22nd.

4. We will have a meeting on September 29, 2020 to go through protocols and if any questions or concerns from parents.  Meeting time will be posted closer to date.

5. When all registration forms are in on the 22nd, the instructors will make class assignments.  Families will be notified of the class and time.

6. A draft Return Policy with protocols is being drafted at this time and will be emailed to families and posted online when finalized.

7. First day of classes is planned currently for October 6.

Draft Return Policy Highlights  

1. Students will not be dancing in masks but are required to wear them to enter and exit the building. 

2. There will be symptom screening forms to be filled out by the guardian or student prior to entry along with temperature reading and hand sanitization

3. Students will have to come dressed and prepared to dance.

4. Bathrooms will only be used if necessary. 

5. Students are required to bring personal water bottles to class and shall not leave them on site.  There will be no water filling station available.  

6. Students will have personal baskets for their belongings that only they are to use.

7. There will be a 15 minute cleaning protocol in between classes.

8. Social distancing will be a minimum 3-meters at all times even on the dance floor.  While not dancing, social distancing of 2-meters is expected in waiting room and stairway.

This is a summary of what is in the draft.  When the Return Policy is finalized we will make it available on our website.  We are following the guidelines set by Alberta Health Services.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact any of our executive members, found on our contact page.



Fees for the 2020-21 Season will be uploaded when approved.  There has been no adjustment to fees from last year, please see last year's Fee Schedule for information only at this time.