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Registration in 2 Simple Steps:

1. Fill out the online registration form, at the bottom of this page.  This will take approximately 5 minutes.

2. Send your registration fee of $20 by etransfer to:

Please use an obvious password (ie what month is it today, etc.)

Please put in the comment line your child's name and 'registration fee'

example:   John Doe's registration fee

(If you do not want to etransfer you can pay by cash or cheque the first day of classes on September 12, 2023)

More Information:


Location for Dance Class:

Thorhild Agriplex (skating rink), upstairs


The website will be populated with more information as it is available.

1. Registration will be online, see below link.

2. Registration will be August 30th to September 12th, 2023.

3. If you are not able to register online before the first class of September 12, 2023 feel welcome to come in person during the time period for your child's age category and we can assist you with registration.  Times for age placement TBA.

4. When all registration forms are in and registration is closed, the instructors will make class assignments.  Families will be notified of the class and time.

5. Placement will be completed by September 19, 2023.

6. There is a $20 registration fee due on the first date of classes.  You can e-transfer us, pay with cash on the first class or pay with a cheque.  Please call our treasurer (on the contacts page) if you have questions regarding this.

7. Fees are determined by class length and the fee form will be updated once the classes are set for the year.

8. One costume comes for no charge for each dancer - each additional costume required will have a rental fee and more information on this is provided at our general meeting.

9. Please enusre you attend the Annual General Meeting and our first meeting (especially important for new families) as lots of information is provided as well as we vote on several topics as well. September 26, 2023 at 6:30pm.

10. Volunteer roles will be determined once we know enrollment and registration is complete - one role per dance family is required.  If you do not complete your volunteer role duties we will cash your volunteer cheque in alternate ($400, subject to change, more information at the general meeting).

11. If you have any questions whatsoever - please contact us via phone to any executive member (found on contact page).

Attire - please have your child wear black comfortable clothes, instructors should be able to see leg and arm movements (nothing too baggy).

For footware, based on age what is needed will be broken down throughout year.  For new members with younger dancers, red slippers for girls and black slippers for boys.

For new members - age categories for show up times for the registration dance class period (starting on September 12, 2023) is broken down on the 'About & Contacts' page and will be updated once we know the times.


Please copy above link and paste into your browser to register for the 2023-2024 season


Please see documents for the Fee Schedule

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